Thu. Feb 2nd, 2023


If you allow me to lead, you will not have personal enemies. I will be enemies to your enemies. Learn of me. Don’t speak in my stead.

The devil always comes to questions your followers don’t have answer to. Help as much as possible to help them know the truth.

Sometimes, it will appear the enemy’s attack the stem and the roots of the tree but he subtly move up to the branches.



The dragon in book of revelation went after the seed of the woman.


Still addressing the same food. The devil took Jesus From the stone, to mountain to the pinnacle of the temple. Everything seem to be made of stone. The same devil but different delivery system. Be watchful.

Sometimes, the devil justifies the one he once condemned because he needs him or her to use as a tool to condemn someone on the next list of his attack.



Jesus says, Woe unto you when all men speak well of you. Be sober and be vigilant.

God is saying you will know more in times of adversity or attack because you will be still and know by letting me respond. Learn of me for I am lowly.


We learn in times of distress. We know who not to allow into the new season. The new agree not with the old.


It is not the old that disagree. The old will always seem to be in agreement even when it does not. It hides her disagreement in order to full evolve into the new with you and then cause you problems

We learn how not to keep presenting The new in the format that people want it. Simply because they are not used to it.


Nobody likes the new. Everyone go after what they already get used to and the only way to preservation is throwing your all into the convictions of the Spirit even if you are new to it.


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