Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023




Money is a messenger. It knocks first before it gains access. If it knocks for a long time, it then grows on wings and flies away.


Mind you, the heart is hard if there is a need for someone to knock.

A knock is not needed on a heart of flesh. Those who do not give out of the little cannot give even in the midst of abundance. God examine people best when it is little. He who is faithful in little is already considered by God as faithful in much.


There is one thing that keeps me thinking; two that are too complex for me to understand under the sun:


When I hear those who disobey God’s law of giving and afterwards praying to God to send those who obey the same law to bless them.

They are invariably saying: “Father, send to me those who obey that which I disobey to bless me financially”.


This is too much a contradiction for me to understand.


The power(anointing) to gain wealth does not just teach us who to give to; it also teaches us who not to give to…because as He ☝️is so are we in this world


In every seasons of life, God gives us the opportunity to prove that we believe His word.


This is another season. December is right at the door. Bless someone even out of the little you have.


And if you are in any of the prayer Groups, give to the admin in charge of that your group and your Financia gifts will be evenly shared amongst those who are in serious need.


You may also give to the your coordinators in other countries and he/she will get it to those in need amongst you


Thanks and God bless you ??

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