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The prophetic Network is a Christian fold that operates with the five fold Ministry of Jesus Christ, consisting of the Apostle, the Prophet, the Pastor,the Teacher and the Evangelist. Added to this there’s is also the help Ministry of Philip and Stephen. Acts 6 vs 1 to 7.

The purpose of this five fold Ministry is to duplicate a complete church as was  modelled to us by the disciples of Jesus Christ to bring wholeness and completeness to the body of christ

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One of the mandates of the servant of God, Pastor Yinka Orogun, is to declare the prophetic stand for nations.
Below are some New, Previous prophesies and their fulfilment.

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The Prophetic Voice Network is a place where you’re taught the basic doctrines of Christ and equipped virtually. Distance isn’t a barrier.

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God's Power at work

I Have come to return all the glory to God in my life and family. The first saturday of January, during a live broadcast with pastor Yinka and Pastor Jude,.i was trusting God for my brother's student Visa to the UK and also was trusting God for the first phase of my student Visa to be granted.

I queued into all the prophetic declaration that had to do with these request among other requests and after the program, i sent my token for the peace offering.

To God be the glory, as i come back to say Thank you Jesus, on the 11th of Jan, my brother's student Visa was granted and God supernaturally met the needs for him to move and within 8 days, my pre-settlement was granted!!!

Indeed God is in the midst of his people and in the business of answering prayers by Mercy...Halleluyah!!!
Testifier 3
This was during our Tuesday prayer in January. I have a daughter with Sickle Cell Disease that we have been praying for healing. On a sunday, Pastor Yinka posted that someone has been healed of SCD, that the person should go for test. She went for test yesterday and the genotype has been miraculously changed from SS to AA. Halleluyah!!!
Funmilayo Ajayi
In January, my husbands business was almost at zero level. This has been the case for more than 5yrs. I called Pastor Jude that we needed prayers for his business, and he kept following us up with deliverance prayer session which took almost 2months.

After 2 months, he gave us another 6days to pray on our own. People of God, on the 5th day my husband received an assistance of 1 million Naira without asking. On the 6th day, another 1 million naira was sent to him from another person without asking.

This how my husband's account balance went from 2,208 Naira last card to 2,002,208 million naira within just 2days!!!!
Testifier 2
Tripple-in-one Miracle

The last baby of our house, during the miraculous raining of cars, was gifted a car. In December, he got married and was gifted another BIGGER car!!!! To Go be the glory.
Testifier 1

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The prophetic Voice Network is a Christian fold Aimed at establishing the complete model of the church of Jesus Christ

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