Thu. Feb 2nd, 2023


Resolve issues and don’t try to win

Don’t bring personal matters unto your platform as a pastor

If you owe someone money, pay.

If you offend someone apologize; do not spiritualize it


Let evil words taste bad in your mouth


Do not retaliate with the pulpit, because you’re dealing with people who know you
If you cannot win the people through your conducts and integrity, remember God will not compel or force people to follow you
You must build trust in them.


God will not enforce their will to follow you without finding good works in you as a compelling force

Remember, when you no longer need the platform and people still follow you, you are true leader. Because people will follow you based on your personal dealings with them and what they have found out about you.

Sometimes, what you need is what you don’t like to hear Unapologetically.


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