About Us

It's more than a church, it's God's Vision

The Prophetic Voice Network is not just an assembly; it’s a Mandate. The Lord has called us to fulfill a very definite purpose, which is to take His divine presence to the peoples and nations of the world, and to demonstrate the character of His Spirit everywhere. When you worship with us, you learn more than just the letters of the Word; you’re imparted with and impacted by the Spirit of the Word.

As we share God’s Word, it takes root in you, and you become exactly what the Lord wants you to be. The Holy Spirit gets a hold of your life, and His vision becomes real to you and in your life.

About us

Unfolding a new dimension in the prophetic and the apostolic.

Welcome to the prophetic Network with Olayinka Orogun 

The prophetic voice sent with the apostolic and prophetic mandate to

🔴Raise a new prophetic generation

🟠To unfold a new dimension in the prophetic and the apostolic 

🟡To raise end time army of God

 🟢To rebuild the old waste.


🔵To declare the prophetic stand for the nation.

It’s time to move YOU into  new dimensions  of Gods glory and power  through  deep insights in God’s word.

The prophetic Network is a Christian fold that operates with the five fold Ministry of Jesus Christ, consisting of the Apostle, the Prophet, the Pastor,the Teacher and the Evangelist. Added to this there’s is also the help Ministry of Philip and Stephen. Acts 6 vs 1 to 7.

The purpose of this five fold Ministry is to duplicate a complete church as was  modelled to us by the disciples of Jesus Christ to bring wholeness and completeness to the body of christ

Our prophetic force

OUR team

Raising A New Generation Of Christians

Olayinka Orogun


He is an apostle, the visionary and Leader.



Team Member

He is A prophet by calling and also one of the prayer squad leaders. A seer and a warrior by default. God had used him in many ways to bring healings to seemingly impossible situations. He is a prophet who sees with his eyes opened.


Head Of Evangelism 

He is a discipler.

He got saved 28th November 1988. Since then it’s been a journey of God’s love. My  goal at all times is  to please Him, focusing on the person and principle of Jesus Christ. He is in charge of The evangelism and maturing The saints.



Team Member

He is Pastor and Marital and relationship counsellor. Called into bringing people into relationships with God, themselves and the world around them




She is an enthusiastic and committed child of God. 

A teacher with a natural ability to appreciate and inspire children; both in the in the church and the secular world.

Built a reputation of a compassionate, hardworking, and excellent role model within an incredibly short span of time! She our TREASURER and also one of our Bible Study Coordinators.



ICT Consultant

He is a sound advisor. He will help you ignite your vision with thought-provoking words that will propel and stimulate you to act beyond the status quo. He is A Pastor and also ICT CONSULTANT.



Media & ICT

She is one of the team lead in media. An educationist. She is one of the coordinators of the widow’s forum. A prophetic Intercessor.


Chinonso Ezuka

Head Of Media & ICT

She is an educationist, she helps mentor new believers. 

She is one of our PRO. and also in charge of the media and ICT.



team member

She has the burden for lost souls and is filled with compassion to help people grow beyond the sin that easily beset them. She is a visionary and one of our discipler.



Team Member

She is a prophetic Intercessor.  God use her to break strongholds and ignite your faith. She possesses the Spirit of Excellence.



ICT Consultant

He is factual and therefore concerned with everything that advances the kingdom of God on earth. I call him a seer because of God’s dealings and operations with and through him. He is one of our ICT CONSULTANTS AND PARTNERS. A Visioneer in making who has a passion for souls to be won into the kingdom of God.


Ibifunmilola Victoria

Team Member

Team member, a is realist and goal getter. She has a large heart and passionate about helping others succeed. She is of one of the coordinators for The norther region and also an Intercessor

Wole Ashonibare

Wole Ashonibare

Team Member

A discipler and a Pastor.  An educationist and a builder. He is one of our Team Lead, a Father and a mentor.

Ndlelenhle Sonto Ogun

Ndlelenhle Sonto Ogun

Team Member

She is a lover of God. Deeply immensed in The Person of The Holy Spirit. A posive influence. She is one of our coordinators for southern part of Africa.

Timothy Okolo Patrick

Timothy Okolo Patrick

Team Member

 A seasoned Pastor and teacher of the word. If you are confused at any point in your spiritual journey,  he uses God’s word as a pivot to help you walk into your new season.


Bobby Taylor

Team Member

 He is full of The Spirit of awakening and compassion of Jesus Christ.  He seeks for opportunities everywhere to shine the light of God’s love. God wrought creative miracles through his hands. I have seen bones come to normal instantly.  He is a giver to the course of God’s Kingdom advancement.

Aanuoluwapo Ajoke

Aanuoluwapo Ajoke

Team Member

  She loves to see the kingdom of God established in lives of people.  She is ardent prayer warrior and a visioneer and one of our coordinators in The U.K

Kelechi George

Kelechi George

Team Member

Endowed with supernatural knowledge and ability to communicate skills and ideas, ranging from one person to the world around him. Blockchain expert and web designer. Helping people work smart and earn more. Born of The Spirit and doing exploits for the Kingdom in the marketplace.


The prophetic Network is a Christian fold aimed at establishing the complete model of the curch of Jesus Christ.


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