Thu. Feb 2nd, 2023




Jesus said if I tell you earthly things and you don’t believe , how can you believe if I tell you things from above ?


You can’t go to farm and expect to reap the harvest of what you didn’t plant.


In the same way, you can’t reap what you didn’t sow.


Sow to yourself in righteousness and reap in mercy.


You can let some things go off your hands ✋️ In to the soil so you can reap.


Those who need are those who sow.


A farmer do not sow because he has more than enough. A farmer sows because he is in need.


I used to noticed amongst believers who lack expecting those who have to sow while they clap 👏 for them.


Those who are in need are those who supposed to sow.


Elijah was sent to only one widow even though there were many widows then.


So, the only widow with serious need that God sent Elijah to.


Elijah didn’t take supply to her but sent her to take from her.


I have seen believers who take from prophets both spiritually and materially.

Nothing is wrong about taking, it becomes an error when you don’t sow anything back into their lives.


There people who dont have money but promote the ministry of Jesus one way or the other.


The most dangerous of all are believers who receive spiritual support, physical support from prophet or a minister and then give back problems to them as rewards.


Seeds may be small when planted but they don’t come back small as harvest.


No woman get pregnant without the seed of a man apart from Mary which was already prophesied.


Imagine a sister who is married but refuses to be intimate with her husband then she starts to pray night and day for fruit of the womb…


Even Angels will laugh and am sure you too will laugh.


God will say, obey the first law of receiving seed into you ovary


And seed has timing.


The right times and fertile grounds to sow are all in the next episode .


Watch out for episode 3



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