Thu. Feb 2nd, 2023


Jesus fell under the weight of carrying the cross and the violent people, who once shouted Hossanah, hurling insults at Him.
At a point, he found a man to help carry the cross.
As ministers of the gospel and indeed God’s children, we go through so many issues.
Same people you pray for, speak evil of you, the same hands you fed have consistently been biting you, and are even tools in the hand of the enemy against your life and ministry.
Jesus was focused on doing the will of the father. He understood this meant he was going to be disgraced and spat at. He humbled himself and concluded His task. “It is finished”

Our Focus should be on God and completing the task. Let us see everything else as a distraction and the road we must take and rejoice.

And just like a man helped Jesus carry the cross, we will have help but we must recognize that completing the task and finishing our course is a solo project.

I pray the Lord grants us grace to finish the race and finish well.


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