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Have you observed that, as the time continues forward on earth, we are venturing closer and closer to that time marked in eternity for Jesus’ return. This is why much seems to be accelerating. It is not by coincidence, but rather by design. God is releasing, into the earth realm, an influx of His Spirit, for the preparation of the fulfillment of His return.


The effect of the release is why you are now feeling the need to do more. It is why you feel a greater desire. It why you are feeling a strengthening. It is why you are ready to, literally, run forward to accomplish much. And, it is why you feel as if God is downloading a lot into you even as you read this (because He is).


The Father has stepped on the accelerator, as has always been planned. We are in the midst of a move–THE move–that prefaces His second coming. And, in the midst of this move God is establishing pillars, and upon those pillars, the people, en masse, are called to gravitate to them in order to move forward, and you may just be one of the chosen to establish a pillar.


The Holy one is going to release great resources and great provision. There shall be a significant wealth transfer. All of this is to be purposed for meeting the needs of this move.


And, in this, God is disconnecting connections not aligned with Him and connecting the righteous with other righteous people. There will be many that thought they had a place because they thought they were doing it right, but because their allegiance to other gods (period), or even man above God, they have been discounted (regarded as unworthy of consideration especially because they lack integrity).


Now, God is calling for His people to come together in unity, help one another achieve, and to move forward in unison. This is not a time to look at self. It is a time to see what God has commissioned in others and to help them. (ALL the pieces for together; they aren’t separate.)


The Lord is going to give you the strength, energy, and time to give your all to serving in another’s assignment while also completing yours, with the help He sends to you, too. This is not a time to be selfish, as God is doing something we have never seen before in the earth. You cannot afford to miss your part in this series.


Certainly: What God is doing now is not according to the models used before. It is unique, unorthodox, and unknown. You will move with very little knowledge of the next. But, the Builder is going to give the instructions as you progress forward. You will be walking forward in the unknown, but have faith, BECAUSE it requires it. The status quo is no longer viable. Trust God in this. He knows what He’s doing.


Repent, Regroup, Prepare, Move Forward.


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