Thu. Feb 2nd, 2023


It is much easier to follow God in our pursuit of destiny and a great future.( Matt 11:29-30)

This is because the ways of God are full of light and peace. 1john 1:5

The ways of the devil are full of darkness and restlessness.
(Romans 8 :6)

Everything Counterfeit has its Original. Gods Power is the original,the Devil is simply a counterfeit.

What God gives to you stands the test of time but the counterfeit ends up wasting your time, money efforts and finally takes away your peace.

Remember the devil has only three missions: To steal, kill and destroy.(John 10:10)

Choose to walk with God and know a life time of Peace and prosperity.(Psalm 122:7)

Prosperity without peace has sent many to their early grave .

Be Wise

God bless you.

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