Thu. Feb 2nd, 2023



Sometimes the wilderness teaches us to decrease that He may increase.

There is a time to pass through the wilderness/ preparation and a time of manifestation.


*The unseen*


There’s a world that is unseen, one that is full of fear, jealousy, misunderstanding, ego, control, misguidance, pains, sorrows, and so much more, and an underground world that is full of deceptions, one that is meant to direct in the path of corruption that is intended to destruct the destiny that was predestined before the foundation of the earth. Before I was born, before you were born, I am.


There is a road you will face that is lonely, and cold. That it seems that even the most cold nights make it seem warm. There is a wilderness that even if you see the trees and flowers, from close or afar, that is a path of one that has to journey alone.


You watch the story unfold before your very own eyes, and pounder about the unseen.

The unseen can be cold, and feel like you’re laying on a hard and cold cement floor. You’re in a corner, and poundering about the unseen world.

You question the very existence of life and purpose. Your lense becomes microscopic that everything around has become clear. Now you see, and your ears hear, that the very cold and dry wilderness can only be for your separation. You’re misunderstood, and been discarded, tossed to the side, alone on the cement floor, wondering about the unseen world. Crossing your wilderness, now seeing, because you will do what eyes have not seen, and ears have not heard, for this I have created you to be born and set apart for what I have in store for you.


I have called you to be set apart, where many will not understand, the depth where I am taking you, many cannot come with you. I have trained you to be left a side, for I need to trust you will not walk away. The storm may seem shaky, but know I have sailed you off.

Hear my voice, take heed to my instructions that may seem and sound foolish, yet I have spoken. Obey, and you will win the race.


Lean on me, lean your head upon my chest, hear my heart beat, this is all for you.

Follow the sails, the wind will direct you, lay in peace and know that I am God.

Didn’t I tell you I would defend you.



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