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TEXT: As He is, so are we in this world. 1 John 4:17


Yesterday, we looked into Laughter. We said God’s middle name is laughter.


We also established that whatever God commands His children to do becomes the description by which their angels will recognize them.


The Angels always behold God’s face to take a look at God and that’s how they recognize us.


When God says laugh at famine and calamity, He is not saying you should feel like it.


He is saying, I want you to honor what I tell you above what you feel in your body. I want my word to be exalted above the name and situation you go through.


I have vowed as God that no flesh should glory in my presence. When I speak to you, I don’t speak to honor your feelings above my word.


If you obey me, the honor that is in my word becomes yours.


Saints, when God told Abraham to offered his only son, his body wasn’t feeling good about it but he obeyed. When God saw he had made up his mind, He gave Abraham a replacement.


I know some Christians will say, to God, “let me affirm what I am passing through by crying and weeping”

Or how do you want me to laugh when I don’t feel like that?


When God sent Angels to deliver the message about Christ birth, the specification was not a location but timing and availability.


The Angels were those who were in the night ? shift. They couldn’t wait till morning.


The only people they found in the night ? were ignorant shepherds keeping watch over their cattle at night.


The message had to be deliver to them before they returned to the headquarter, because the word of God cannot return without accomplishing the purpose.


They met the specification. All that Angels look for is “AS HE IS SO ARE WE”


God doesn’t respect anyone’s face or title, He respect the one who trembles at His word. God doesn’t have personal secretary.


A lot have lost relevance because they don’t make themselves available for God. God doesn’t beg anyone.


If you are risen with Christ, start laughing at your situation. He(plural) that sits on high shall laugh. If you are sitted with Christ, laugh and you will know the foolishness of God is wiser than men.


Don’t team up with your condition, your feelings and what the devil suggest for you to do against God and His word.


Remember, it is a good fight of faith and not the fight of how you feel.


Let me ask you? Have you started to laugh ? physically at your pains even when you don’t feel like that.


God doesn’t honor disobedience. He says, those who honor Me, I will also honor.


You may ask? Pastor, how will my laughter ? change my condition?

Me: I don’t know. Simply because God’s word says so.

Me: how did your believing and confessing Christ got you eternal life? It is the same principle.


Remember, as He is, so are we in this world.



Father, I honor your word above my feelings and what my body tells me. I belong to the congregation of those who laugh. Laughter has invaded my territory instead of mourning.


Prophetic: I see God delete every awaiting errors. You have proof to through the water ? for it shall not overflow you. You are waterproof. God made you just like that. He needs only your confidence. Stay alert because alerts are coming into your account.


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