Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023



Job 33:14

For God, speaketh once, yea twice, yet man perceiveth it not.



We are in a prophetic season, and in seasons like this, the word of God is not scarce. It has been discovered that God wants to speak to you more than you want to hear him. So it’s not that God is not speaking.



Rather, the problem is that our understanding has been darkened.


It’s very clear that God speaks once and he can also speak twice.

If you still refuse to hear, he keeps quiet. So, we find ourselves in disaster, pain, regret, wrong relationships, accidents, and death, as if, God never spoke to us.



At the end, we may even say that God has disappointed us or that God doesn’t hear our prayers.


The problem is that when he spoke, you didn’t perceive it. Remember, that he has given men the ability to choose. You can choose but you can’t run away from the consequences.



So, can we say that it’s the fault of God that you ended up in the wrong relationship or that you made a loss in that business? No!


One of the potent ways God chooses to communicate with people is through our inward witness, dreams, visions, scriptures, etc.



Though these forms of communication have been ignored yet, God has not stopped communicating to humanity through these means.


Lord, I receive the discipline to sharpen my perception of the things of the spirit.





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