Thu. Feb 2nd, 2023


Believers struggle to either keep up a godly habit or stop an ungodly habit, because they always engage an Emmergency approach.

Even though the spiritual experiences of others surely ought to challenge and inspire us, we must always remember THERE’S A TRAINING BEHIND THE EXPERIENCES.


INSPIRATION from others ought to lead us to embrace the training that produced the same experience they got. We are never told that we can just mimic experiences that comes through several discipline without paying attention to the discipline.


For Example, stopping ungodly habits like Malice, masturbation, Anger, stealing, lying, pornography, and maybe even fornicating just by listening to a sermon where the pastor preached on repentance, and how you can’t make it in your relationship with God if you continue that way may challenge you to take radical decision to turn a new leaf.

You are filled with regrets and so decided to put an end to that lifestyle that very day. You probably even went out to the altar to rededicate your life to Christ with one thought in you that God will change those habits.

Chances are that, many “repentance” based only on such decisions don’t last. You may even cry and lay before the Altar of God, When your tears dry up, and the echoes of the sermon leave, so many are back in their vomit.

Until there’s a training that is consistency with spiritual routines, there’s no short-cut. There’s a training that strengthens your will, starves your fleshly desires, and causes your mind to be stayed on the word. No tears, resolution or repentance will help you out if you don’t submit yourself to that.

Know that, discipleship makes it easy.
Another name for discipleship is disciplined ship. Jesus commands us to make disciples and not those who make resolution.
The Gospel is the power of God to those who believe. But how will they believe on whom they have not heard!

There is something you ought to hear and training that makes this possible.
Join this chariot and be built to last.

Co laborer
Olayinka Orogun

  1. I am truly looking forward to start the journey of discipleship….I am so thankful to God that through this platform I will be able to Withstand till Christ come. Ps: the website is amazing. May the Almighty continue to shine His Face upon you and your love ones.

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