Thu. Feb 2nd, 2023



That’s because at that point it has become a medicine.


Pills are bitter yet they cure the disease


Praising God may seem the least of what you need at that point,but the Wisdom of God says


Give God thanks in all things, for this is will of God concerning you (1 thes 5:18)



Praising God In your challenge is a summary of many Divine attributes that God is looking out for in us


When you praise, it means you have faith and without faith you can’t please God


When you praise you become Joyful, creating the right atmosphere for the move of the spirit.


When you praise, you acknowledge the sovereignty of God that means God is glorified in your life. And our father inhabits the praises of his people, meaning you draw God into the circumstance without even praying about it yet.


The devil knows these and he makes praise look so Irrelevant in challenges because it’s a great tool against his kingdom.


He wants to keep you in bondage.


Today I charge you to rise up in high praise to our father in heaven who works out all things for our good, who makes a way of escape for us even inside the wilderness,


He is the way maker

Miracle worker

Promise keeper

Our light in the darkness

That’s who he is


Sing that song by sinachi with all your heart, keep singing songs of praise to God remembering the times he has helped you and delivered you in time past.


His thoughts for you are always of good to bring you to an expected end.


That prison door in your life will swing open and you will be free suddenly


Beginning from today , revert to praise as your weapon of warfare and watch the lord take over your battle.




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