Thu. Feb 2nd, 2023


One of the secret of becoming a great husband and father to your wife and children is standing as a spiritual pillar in their lives.





You are the priest of your home, so act like one and for it to be so you need spiritual protection and you can only find it in the place of prayer.





When devil comes into your home can you stand, when your wife is sick, do you rebuke the sickness or panic more than her , wake up and stand your ground spiritually.




How much time do you spend in prayer, interceding on behalf of your family.




If you think you are doing well in life, wait and see what will happen when you start praying, then you will all kinds of spirit that will stand to fight you.




There are aspect of your life that will never accept you until you start spending time with God, there are aspect that will never change untill you start praying





You said that you are the priest of your home, how well behaved is your children, do they act like people that are coming from a Christian home.




Everything is not all about money, but it’s all about serving as a spiritual backup to your family that when devil comes, you can stand and conquer him through prayer.




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