Thu. Feb 2nd, 2023





God created us to be helpers,


To make our homes a place of contentment, a place where her family loves to be.



She ministers at the fountain of life and happiness.


Her hands are trained to intelligence, virtue and love.



Godly wisdom is in her mouth.


Her patience and constancy are instrumental in carrying forward to completion the work of God.



She is an encouragement to her husband, family and friends strengthening them to perform what is right.



Integrity is her watchword, making her honest in all business and personal matters.


Strength and dignity are her characteristics.


She has an undivided loyalty.



In meekness she stands by her husband, living the truth of God’s Word.


She is a woman of a meek and quiet spirit.



Love and esteem are woven in her character.


Her influence is felt more often than recognized,even after her face and voice are no longer seen and heard.



She think of the future and still not worry or be fearful, because she knows God is already there.


If She is faithful today, God’s grace will be her strength tomorrow.



She chooses to be cheerful even though circumstances may not always be ideal.


She avoids extremes.


Forgiveness is another virtue.


At times she is misunderstood, envied, or slandered.



At times wrong words are confessed to her,


She keeps on loving, even though at times it may appear hard to love,


Since loving is the bond of perfection.



The peace of God rules her heart and life


Therefore, thanksgiving is her response,


God’s love flows through her life to others around her,


Because Jesus’ blood has made her a pure and clean channel which God can bless others.



Homemaking is not a meager chores. It is lifetime commitment.


Humble? Yes!..

But she who humbles herself will be exalted.



She is submissive to her husband


She is a virtuous woman of strong character.



The world is watching and we dare not disappoint God.


If we fail, we are encouraging the world to reject God’s Word.



God bless every Woman




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