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The most difficult thing about a marriage is that there are two people in it.

And we all know that the problem is usually with the other person.

If we were just trying to work things out by ourselves,

We could certainly do a good job of it,

But we have to fit our dreams, desires, hopes, abilities, mind-sets, assumptions, needs and habits in with those of our husbands.

And that takes three things :

1. Communication emotionally,

2. Communication verbally and

3. Communication physically.

The foundation of a good marriage that will last a lifetime has to be built by communication.

It is the way intimacy is established.

Anytime communication is shut off, intimacy suffers greatly.

And a marriage without intimacy is dying.

You and your husband must each be able to have a sense of closeness in your marriage……the assurance you are on the same team.

Without good communication, you won’t have that.

The closest relationship you will ever have is with your husband because you share everything.

Not being able to communicate with him and he not being able to communicate with you paves the way for an intolerable existence.

Not knowing what your husband is thinking or feeling makes building a life together impossible.

If neither of you know what the other’s internal plans and vision are for the future,

How can you move it together?

How can you show commitment to the relationship if you never share that with your husband?

How do you get the sense that you are always going to be there for each other if you don’t talk?

If you don’t express your fears and inner turnmoil,

How can you receive the encouragement you need?

If there isn’t good verbal communication, then there isn’t an emotional connection, and

That means there won’t be good physical intimacy, either.

That part of your life together will then become an act without feeling or passion.

If one of you believes that communication is not good in your relationship, then some changes have to be made.

And we all know that we as a mother, wife and companion always try our best to maintain the communication and intimacy with our husbands.

But our husbands atimes takes alot of advantage of it,

Trying to make our best not enough,

I want us to always bear in mind that in every peaceful home there is always a patience dog.

That is why we have to have an intimate relationship with God through Prayers and the Word.

We should always pray for the peace of our hearts and homes.

Asking God for an overcoming strength in overwhelming moments.

We are after God’s own hearts, we are to offer Him a heartfelt prayer which is the only prayer that attracts God’s mercy and help

Read Psalm 115,

Acknowledge Him and He will come and take His place in your heart and home.

Let us pray for God’s protection in our marriage…..

Lord, I invite your presence to dwell in our marriage.

I pray that you would protect my husband and me from any kind of breakdown of communication.

Enable us to always share our thoughts and feelings and refuse to be people who don’t talk.

Teach us to trust each other enough to share our deepest hopes, dreams, fears and struggles with one another.

Help us to spend time communicating with You every day so that our communication with each other will always be good.

Teach us how to openly express love for one another,

Keep us from any laziness or selfishness that would cause us to neglect to do that.

Help us to refuse to speak Words that tears down, but only words that build up.
Ephesians 4:29


Deliver us from any temptation to lie to each other about anything or deal falsely with one another.
Lev 19:11.

Help us to be totally honest and open about everything.

Teach us to speak with truth, wisdom, instruction, and understanding.

We don’t want to be always learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.
2 Timothy 3:7

Teach us to listen to one another and recognize the signs in each other that gives us greater understanding.

Help us find things we enjoy doing together so that we will grow closer and not apart.

Enable us to be able to communicate love, appreciation and honor to each other all times.

Teach us to recognize the enemy’s plan to steal, rob, and destroy our marriage.

Enable us to understand his methods and see his attempts to stir up strife and miscommunication between us.

Help us to take instant authority over any attack he brings against us especially in area of communication.

Help us to settle all matters of disagreement between us in a loving, compromising and considerate manner.

Enable us to always be in unity with You and with each other.

In Jesus name I pray Amen.


….Amaka Nelson
Women Of Excellence
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