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” Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.”


Let us use letters A-S-K to represent Ask, Seek & Knock


After you might have asked, don’t just wait but start to seek what you asked God for in prayers.


Just as the supply of water ???? flows through a pipe or drainage system, create a move through which God can order your steps ????‍♂️.


If you have truly prayed to God and you do not take steps concerning that which you prayed for, it means you didn’t believe what you prayed concerning.


Just as none paddles or gives direction to a canoe while tied at the sea bay, God can not order the steps of someone who makes no move after prayers.


Someone may be asking, “What if my move is a wrong one?”



Don’t worry about that. Make the move first.


God will give direction to it. The opening of your mouth will speak the right thing. Open wide your mouth, and God will fill it.


When The Lord told Prophet Samuel that He is sending him a man and that he should prepare food for him and anoint him as king over Israel, did God tell Saul anything?


How did Saul get to Samuel?


The negative situation(lost donkey) and the servant(advantage) who went with him.


Even though Saul wasn’t the servant, he offered to go in search for the donkey.


The same happened to David when his dad sent him to give food to his brothers at the warfront.


I wonder at Christians who seek to be enthroned and don’t want to put on a form of servant.


Christ took upon himself a form of servant.


“Instead, he emptied himself by taking on the form of a servant , by becoming like other humans”

Phillipians 2:7


It is in taking steps that The Lord orders our steps.


When The Lord was about to get children of Isreal out of land of slavery, he told them to so something. I.e kill animals and apply the blood on their lintel.


Killing the animal was an action but that wasn’t enough. They were to do something more, which was application of the blood.


After asking, seek until you knock. Knocking is an opening that is about to be ready.


After asking God for job, make a good CV and start seeking for organizations or start a business that had always surfaced on your mind.


Don’t wait for them to seek for you. When you get there, knock.


Keep Knocking(keep checking on them)


If it is contract, keep sending them convincing pictures.


The woman who got the approval in Jesus parable was commended for her persistence.


There are Christians whose only problem is that they give up too soon.


Don’t wait until they call for you. There may be times that the secretary who collected your cv was sacked the following day and nobody knew you submitted a c.v.


Show up again!


There are Christians who always gets angry even with helpers got sent to them.


Jesus turned away the woman who came to him to be helped concerning her daughter who was demon possed. She didn’t get offended but said dogs also eat the crumb from the table.


“And to everyone who knocks , the door will be opened.” Mathew 7:8


Several times, I had gotten an accommodation, job and obtained results by asking, seeking and knocking.


After the prophet made a prophetic broadcast about the abundance, within 24 hours, it happened because the leppers(outcast) made the move to broadcast the news.


You see, whenever the word of The Lord is rightly divided, the voice of God will be clearly heard.


The voice of God is upon many waters ???? and this by the washing of the water by the word.


Simply by writing ✍️ what God gave me, I have seen so many mount upon the wings ???? of The Spirit.


While some keep hoping, some acting because of His word.


Whenever God orchestrate an answer within your environment, your actions and moves will fetch them.


Imagine what would have happened If the mother of Moses had not woven a basket and hid Moses in it?


Weaving a basket is service without money. Sometimes, people get jobs because they volunteered to serve.


After asking, seek to knock at the doors


It is in taking steps that The Lord orders our steps.


What if someone killed the animal but didn’t apply the blood on the lintel?


The people living under that room would be dead.


Incomplete or selective obedience is total disobedience.


The killing of the animals and the application of the blood means, an action that put an end to the old so that the new in you might live.


Nothing just ends by itself unless an action is taken.


Do you know how many visions became dead because of Incomplete obedience.


What if the blood was applied on the inside of the house instead outside?


The Angel of destruction would still not see the blood and everyone who slept under that house would have been dead.


You know there are believers who obey only in their heart and they lay hold of the fact that they have good conscience before God and not before men…


I want you to know that, The Lord has you on His mind why He sent this word to you.


I still remembered what He said to me, “YOU WILL WIN ???? WITH THE WORD.”And all who read what He gave me to write ✍️.


Some of the things I do today didn’t just start now. I remembered when I had encounter in a room far in Kaduna in the Northern Nigeria ???????? 1996. He gave me most of the visions and I wrote them down.


If you are someone who follow me and read ???? these writeup ✍️ you will know that Jesus must be involved before any man can rightly divide His word!


Under His prophetic watch, we do not just uproot scriptures and blend, we allow Him flow through us to His people!


This series on prayer and faith will deliver you into your inheritance. Some you need to read again and again.


Always send this to your loved ones.


Am aware bad news travels faster than good news. For you spread the good news.

Share and tag someone.


God gave the word, great was the company of them that published it.


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God bless His word in your heart ????????

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