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TEXT: 1 Corinthians 2:9


But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, Neither have entered into the heart of man, The things which God hath prepared for them that love him.


God can not prevent you from enjoying what He prepared for you.


3 things that you should watch out for


■ Eyes must see

■ Ears must hear

■ It must enter into the



The eyes and ears come together.


Proverbs 20:12

Ears to hear and eyes to see-both are gifts from the LORD.


How does it enter into the heart of man?


By taking the thought of it in your life.


The thought(pictures) you bring into your heart is how God responds back to you.


Have you ever thought about buying a car and you eventually bought it.


Have you ever thought about marrying and today you are married.


Have you ever thought about starting your own business, and today, you have started it.


Have you ever thought about traveling abroad and today you have traveled.


Have you asked yourself why some came to pass and others didn’t.


This reason might be because you accepted the truth that translated into a behavior in one aspect but rejected it in another area.


The Bible says if you give yourself wholly to what God says to you, your profiting will appear unto all.


God thinks towards you. Once the thought that God thinks towards you does not meet the right behavior in you, nothing new springs forth.


A mentor is not just someone who has experienced lots of problems in life; he/she is someone who had extracted the wisdom from those challenging years.


There are Christians that I can say with boldness that the problem they have now is not because they haven’t prayed well.


They need to know something, and such knowledge supposed to become a behavior that they live.


When people start to see that knowledge in you in the form of genuine behavior, things will change.


Whatever information from the word of God(i.e., God’s will) that passes through eye ???? and ear ???? gates should be processed into a behavior.


The heart condition of a person is how such a person thinks or perceives things.


Whenever God wants something to manifest in our lives, He supplies us with information that will cause us to think like what God is doing.


Just like it is easier for you to notice a red Volkswagen quickly while driving ???? one, it is easier to attract whatever you have accepted, truth, or lie.


This is the reason why God showed Abraham the stars ???? and caused him to hear the movement of the sand by the seashore.


If you think like the negative you have experienced, you will become more like it.


What you think about is the information that already gained access to your life.


How you think about it is your belief system.


Your belief system is everything you have believed in the past that you have allowed to affect how you see the future.


Whatever you allow to enter into your heart and stay by continuous meditation will become how you think and attract everything like itself.


The only way to change how you think is to accept different information and let is become the new you.


It is human being; not human doing. It starts will what you become.


You are a being first. Whatever you do comes from who you are.


Let into your heart the new information you want to become or see manifest in you.


God bless you.


PROPHETIC : God is going to send through someone a gift of forty thousand to help you out of that tight corner.

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