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” Everything is naked and exposed before his eyes, and he is the one to whom we are accountable .”


Years back I used to think I was a smart Christian as far as sin was concerned!


I did think that, I could always ask God for forgiveness because He promises to forgive.


What the devil didn’t let me know was that, even though one has been forgiven, the lifeline of time is being wasted!


Sin is a waster of years!


Sin keep removing vital links from a man’s life.


Sin destroys confidence one has in his maker. Sin makes a person inferior to himself or herself.


Sin feast on Glory and labors of years. Sin destroys the trust people Have in a person.


Sin make demons have a sense of superiority over the person they used to be afraid of before.


For example, the Bible says:


The strangers shall fade away, and be afraid out of their close places.”

Psalms 18: 44-45


I remember several years ago, once I was far away like 100 meters, demons already crying!


Whenever I saw group of believers waiting to see me, all I just did was to say “receive the anointing ” and they were slain under the power of the Holy Spirit with immediate answers.


I have seen cancer disappeared instantly when I felt the anointing like a blanket and threw into the congregation!


I had street experience by just walking ????‍♂️. I had someone ran after me asking to receive Christ without speaking. I have a cult member who came to receive Christ and now area or Zonal pastor in RCCG.


All of these grace was given to me by God. I was functioning at that level but didn’t know God.


Infact, fire???? burns on the center of my head and I knew! I mean I felt it burn physically and whenever I stood before someone, they looked up and focused on the center of my head insted of my face. I didn’t know what they were seeing.


For years, people took my jacket away and use for deliverance! They just throw on people and they start to manifest and demons went out.


If you know God, you will fear God. And if you fear God, He will teach you His way.


” Lest thou give thine honour unto others, and thy years unto the cruel”

Proverbs 5:9


Sin takes the honor God places on you and distribute to the pigs ???? and they trample on it and bite you back.


People don’t care what you did in the past, what they want to see now is how consistent you are now that you claim you are now a changed person.


They don’t follow you because you can preach well; but because they are watching ???? you physically and in the Spirit to see your consistent walk with Jesus.


Sir, ma, you can have the anointing but if People don’t trust your life, the anointing won’t work for them.


From today, let the past be past. There is nothing God wants me to discuss about my past that is not possible if it is God leading me to do that. That’s what true restitution is all about.


Restitution is not another level of holiness! God sometimes lead people to do restitution because He wants someone to learn God’s way or to clear doubt in the air.


I have heard of brethren in the past who did some restitution out of zeal without knowledge. May I ask you what your restitution has accomplished for you or body of Christ.


If you really know you are zealous and want to make boast your flesh through restitution, please start from what you did in kindergarten school! Go and revoke your primary school certificate because you copied someone in exam….


Paul said, “I wrong no man” despite all the people he killed.

He made that statement because the old Paul was dead and the new is Christ life.


“Therefore do not let sin reign in your mortal body so that you obey its evil desires.” Romans 6:12


For about 20 years, I ran away from whatever was pulpit and laying of hands.


At this time, God was still talking to me as father to son. I remained teachable until He came to fetch me back.


Even at that time, I was not interested in the service! I just wanted to know Him.


Today, am not pulpit-driven. I follow them who through faith and patience inherit the promise.


Whatever He ☝️doesn’t make me is a curse if I make myself.


Restoration sometimes takes time for those who have tasted of the power of the kingdom to come.


And I know more Grace is coming! He gives grace to the humble!

Keep praying for us!


Be encouraged:


Hebrew 12:4

In your struggle against sin, you have not yet resisted to the point of shedding your blood.


Make up your mind with this devotion material and let grace teach you and establish your heart.


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