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If you want your son who is in the bedroom to come meet you in the living room, you call his name and he will answer and show up. He will come because he is available within the vicinity, even though you can’t see him. 

Have you named your babies even though yet unborn?

You don’t name your child baby. Name your child yet unborn and start calling him or her by the name. 

Whenever God is bringing a great gift to the world, medical equipment is not going be sufficient to detect or reveal the appearance of that child. The child will be called by his or her name into real life

Your unborn child is like having someone in another  room(Spirit realms) in the same house and they respond to your voice when you call. All you need is name the child and start calling the child’s name. EVERYTHING RESPOND TO NAMES. 

What voice do they hear in your home?

The baby in Elizabeth’s womb leaped when she heard the voice of Mary’s salutation. 

Jesus was name before conception. John The Baptist was named before conception. Isaac was name before conception. What you call naming ceremony is simply a public announcement of what the mouth of The already named.

What is the name of the child you have been waiting on God for. Has God ever shown you the name. 

Another thing is:

I have heard of people who received August visitor and they had to rent hotel for them because there was no extra room in the house. 

It depends on the visitor who came. A special visitor will always need an hotel room if no space in your house. 

Now, you can’t ask a baby to come to a house where you have not prepared a room for them. 

Babies also see before their arrival. Just know the Spiritual realm is real. 


This was David speaking:


“Thine eyes have seen my #UNFORMED #SUBSTANCE; And in Thy book they were all written, The days that were ordained for me, When as yet there was not one of them.” Psalm 139:16


“Your eyes saw my #UNFORMED #BODY; all the days ordained for me were written in your book #BEFORE #ONE of them came to be.” Psalm 139:16


2 things you should know about babies: Babies need where to sleep and babies need what to eat. 

The natural breastmilk is settled but do you have any bed ready for your expectant child?


I know some may be thinking they do not really need all of that. Show me your faith without work and I will show you my faith by my work. 


God changed the name of Abraham and Sarah because of the baby that would soon come.  He called the unborn baby LAUGHTER 


I want you to know that The child exists already in God. Sometimes,  husband and wife quarrel all the time and yet they have been waiting on God for the fruit of the womb. 


You want God to send a glorious child to a destination that to hostile environment? No sir/ma. Children are God’s heritage and God will not send them where they woll be afflicted. The Lord’s Agenda on earth transcends the quarrels between husband and wife. 


Whenever you see what looks like a delay in area of child-bearing, it is a pointer to that fact that God wants to send a child to fulfill special assignment. 

The same is applicable to Angels. Angels on special assignment don’t visit the earth regularly except there is a good news or a serious Warfare to accomplish.  


What some call delay is God’s way of preparing the parents for the arrival of that child. 


In the Bible, most children who delayed before their conception and birth were Great in the sight of God and they fulfilled great assignments.


Mark This Prophetic message to the church,  if a million people follow it through and obey, their babies will arrive in less than 18 months. 


#Copy! #Share! Send to someone you know in that situation.  





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