Thu. Feb 2nd, 2023

It is called FENCE in order for it to do the works of DEFENSE but It eventually became an OFFENCE. 

Judas was part of the FENCE(12 DISCIPLES)

A time came in His life when He stopped walking straight. He was always here and there making deals. 

When a FENCE is not straight,  the curved shape looks like here and there. 

He became strange.  He was no longer acting as a DEFENSE but a particular type of FENCE(The FENCE)

The word “THE” was used to point to a particular FENCE already prophesied about whom OFFENSE would come through. 

He took after the spiral shape of that old serpent.

Therefore, Satan entered into him after he left the communion table. 

Then, he became an OFFENSE.  And so, the scripture was fulfilled that OFFENSE would surely come but woe to him through which it comes. 


If you look at the FENCE,  you will notice that more blocks are needed for spiral(here and there) design.

If Judas was a contractor,  immediately He chose the spiral design, he would need more blocks to finish it and so would need more money which was not part of the budget. 

Judas Therefore needed some extra cash. 

To finish the special design. 

Every deviation will cost more and God will not be responsible for the extra. 

The spiral fence will provide hiding place for the adversaries. 

Because light travels on a straight line,  light will be deficient in curved areas. 

Light makes all things visible.  And if we walk in The light as He is, we have fellowship one with another and the blood of Jesus Christ cleanses us from all sins.

He asked me to tell you.

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