Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

The devil can try to mimic most things but he doesn’t have love. If he tries to love, he will be hating. It is not just in him. Love sets us apart unto God. Love binds us together. Love seek and pursue peace. Love ❤️ doesn’t think of himself or herself alone.

Love doesn’t just say, “why me Lord?”

Love see beyond self.

Those who love the brethren have passed from death to life. Love is of God and God is love ❤️

Love capitalizes on someone’s mistake to change them. Jealousy, envy, strive, sedition, hatred is waiting for someone’s error to bring them down.


Love is blind to too much errors and opens to too much goodness in other people’s matter.


Love ❤️ is the ocean called eternal. We swim ?‍♂️ in it from earthly to eternity. No boundaries.


Love is everlasting, many waters ? ? cannot quench it, and love never fails.

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