Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023



By the standards of God , the wages of sin is death,

That is God’s Judgement for Sin.


But because of his Love for you, Jesus came and took your sins upon himself and died so that you will have life , abundance of life.


This death isn’t just the physical, it’s eternal and the life that Jesus gave for us and to us is also eternal .


That’s what Mercy brought for us . Life in abundance .

Life plus everything that makes living abundant .


Dont Let the devil keep you down.


The Mercy of God has been activated through Jesus sacrifice on the cross for you . Mercy is available to speak for you anytime you ask.


And so you are entitled to live and live abundantly if only you do this;


Believe in his death and resurection and confess the lordship of Jesus over your life, Your life will be transformed for good.


God bless you ??

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