Thu. Feb 2nd, 2023


Hebrews 13:1

Let brotherly love continue.




The greatest investment you can make is not real estate, stock, career but to be part of people’s destiny.



Those who have rise, you already know what there destiny look like but those rising you don’t really know. Don’t despise people.




Never laugh at a person that is following the will of God because you will bite your finger in shame later when the lord make his life a sign and a wonder.




Don’t despise people.


Everyone needs help including arrogant people.



Someone have help you one way or the other to get to the level you are presently. Every great person was once helped.



So don’t feel too big to help people and don’t feel too big to ask for help if you need help.


This days if you care about people too much they think you are trying to get something from them.



If a guy show care to a lady, the lady will be thinking he want to ask her out.



It might be true in some context but beyond relationship and marriage let brotherly love continues.


This days people don’t really care about anybody, everybody is minding there business.



Many have made the wrong decision because nobody cares.



Check on someone today. Let brotherly love continue.

Lord give me a heart that love genuinely without any stream attached.








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