Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023




John 15:7 says. ” If you remain in me and my words remain in you, ask whatever you wish (desire), and it will be done for you.



Contrary to what we may have been taught that God is only interested in our needs. Do you know you can make a wish list and it will be done ?



However, the prerequisites is, abiding in Christ and His words abiding in you.



That means, you have the mind of Christ.



So, He is sure your wish list will be christ-like, therefore it will be inline with what pleases God.



Moreover He’s not “afraid” about granting whatsoever you wish or desire, He is sure, you will desire right, He is sure you will wish right.


Here, He is not talking about your needs, He is talking about your wishes, all manners.



Jesus said, it will be granted to you. Wow, what a revelation.


Those who have entered this level of grace know what this is about. Whiles they desire, wish, think, talk about a thing, subsequently they see it happening, they get it as a gift, someone buys it for them etc.


Therefore pray. Lord Jesus, I receive your mind, help me to abide in you and your word to abide in me, I know it pleases You that my wishes are granted. Thank You for hearing my prayer in Jesus Mighty name I pray AMEN.



So, God’s people keep wishing.




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