Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023



#Connection without correction is contradiction! How you response to corrections is the litmus test of your humility.


#Pride is the worship of self and it competes with God. It focuses on self and always seeks for ways to revenge


Your mouth and behavior echo what is in the heart


#Humility is surprised by any commendation because she knows she is capable of nothing and worthy of nothing without God


Only those who love success and are not jealous of others will definitely succeed


Signs of God-kind of #leadership is ability to repent when you are wrong without passing the blame on others.


A good discipler is a person who is constantly being discipled. Leaders also need discipleship.


Your #Gifts does not give you permission to disrespect others. Honor all men.


Anyone who uses your flaws as the reason to disconnect from you was never in #covenant relationship with you.


Nothing like expired promises of God. If He said it, He will do it. This week you will progress & no force will hinder u in Jesus name

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