Thu. Feb 2nd, 2023



The table of greatness has many seats but the rule guiding it is that you don’t sit with an empty hand. what ever you are bringing to the table of greatness should be vented by God’s intelligence, it will serve and bless people and with honor, you will be granted a seat in the table of greatness.




There are many believers that will still inherit shame in days to come because they keep claiming realms that they haven’t built value for, that can bring them into nobility and honor.




I have made up my mind that in any area of my life where the Lord will have me serve whether ministry, leadership or cooperate life, I will be valuable and competent that i will never stand before anybody across the globe and not be able to contribute something into their life.



If I cannot contribute intellectually most likely if the person is not even born again, there are demons behind it and even if you are free from demons, you might not be serious with the holy Spirit.




Do you Know what Alpha and Omega mean, it means you cannot do without the holy Spirit, you can run away from him but you will meet a need that will still bring you back to him.




Make a convenant with your destiny today, that in the name of Jesus Christ that you will stop being the one who will just clap for people with jealousy and shame and embrace greatness.

For some of you that keep complaining and saying that people don’t like me, forget all those things and stop trying to live a fake life, getting a house that your value cannot maintain.




Go back to nobility from where you are and start building yourself and you will not just sit in the table of greatness but you will have something tangible to offer.

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