Fri. Apr 19th, 2024


Theme: Through the greatness of thy power


Time: 8:00pm – 8:30pm(Nigeria)


Venue: WhatsApp prayer group


Date: Tuesday, February 28th 2024


I welcome you to another time in the presence of God. This year God has singled you out for lifting.

I want you to know that everything created listen to the voice of his creator.


Every country, cities, Towns, village, communities houses has a gates. Its either locked or it’s opened. You can call it gateway, portal , Tollgate, port of entry, access point etc. whoever is mounting it has the power to control access, that is why it’s called access control officer. They have power to either allow or deny entry and exit.

Looking at it spiritually, there is a spirit in charge of the access control of our life, angel or demons. They determine if they will allow your prayers to come as an answered prayers or deny entry as unanswered prayers. (Delay and setback).


The reasons why prophesies are not coming to past in your life is because the gateway or portal, access point etc is under demonic lock and key.

Daniel in the Bible would have remain for donkey years waiting for the manifestation of the prophecy of God upon his life to come to past if he didn’t battle to open the access gate to his life and destiny. It was when he cried to God in prayer that his eyes were opened to see that some spirit ( king of partial) has taken over the access control of his life. Maybe Daniel would have died unfulfilled.


Mathew 16:19

Binding and loosing are the ways of life, you either closed or you opened, something must either enter or comes out . You either bound or you loose.

God has given you the key to the gate of your life/ destiny, how you use it depends on you. You can either opened the gate of your life to the enemies by handing over the key to your destiny to them or you shot them out of your life by being in possession of the key to your destiny.


Am opening your eyes to the revelation about yourself, look your life has a padlock and key. You can use it effectively if you know how to use it and the enemies can also use it against you if you don’t know how to use it. That is why if the occult people want to kill someone they will summon the person’s spirit and it will come out or appear to them and they will do whatever they want to do on that person. This is possible because such person access control key is in the hands of the enemy because he or she does not even know that their life has a padlock and key. That’s why they will summon people’s spirits and it will appear. If the lord did not protect the house the watchmen watches in vain, if your access control key is not hidden in God no man or juju can protect you

What am revealing to you is a Prophetic CODE, only those who are prevy to the makers manual will have access to it and will also know how to use it.

You can either use it to bound or use it to loose. It’s only what your eyes can see that you possess.


Now that your eyes of understanding is opened for you to see and know that your life has a padlock and key, it is now your duty to learn how to make good use of it.


Pls know this, whatever is not working in your life is under demonic padlock and the key is in satanic save.


If your business is not going on well, you are not selling but people around you are selling faster than you, pls note your business is under lock and key.


If you are experiencing matrimonial failure, unresolved conflict despite prayers and fasting, you have consulted expert still no solution, your marriage is under demonic lock and key.


Whatever good things is working negatively in your life, shows that your destiny is under demonic lock and key.


Whatever any forms of delay and setback you are experiencing, is because your access control door is under demonic lock and key. You are supposed to be experiencing progress.


If suitors are not coming, or they come and never come back for no reason,or you just got tired of him/ her for no reason , or they just irritated you, or no one has ever ask for your hands in marriage, this is because your beauty and your spirit is under demonic lock and key.


If you are experiencing backwardness and stagnation, the door of your progress is under demonic lock and key.


If you can’t make a meaningful connection in business etc your doors of influence is under demonic lock and key.


If helpers prefer to help your neighbor or someone lesser than you in qualifications, your door of favor is under lock and key.


Friends, your doors must be unlocked and opened. ( Revelation 3:7-8)


3 keys to the kingdom


✓ Have a good knowledge of the word of God and how to use it.

✓ You have to know how to bound, and what to bound.

✓ You have to know how to loose, and what to loose.


Look you have to be a lion, proverb 20:20. You have to damage the damager, anyone who has damaged your life, you too must damage their life. After all, he that digged a pit shall fall inside the pits they dug for me.

Friends if you don’t know, let me tell you, we served the God that kills and makes alive, and he even preserved life’s. The secret of the lord is with his prophet.


✓Prophet are for the rising and falling of some people.

✓ Prophet are the custodian of God’s secrets.

✓Any decree from a prophet becomes a law in the heaven. Heaven respect their word because it must surely come to past.


If you know you are comfortable with the situations around you and your business/ work / family/ matrimonial home etc pls relax with a cup of chocolate. But if you know you want change in your life in all ramifications, pls you need to be MAD in the spirit against your TORMENTORS.


Look you have to DAMAGE whoever is damaging your life and those who have damaged it long a go. We are in the season of VENGEANCE.



✓ Get a padlock with key. Either new or old. Note you will no longer use it after the prayer.

✓ Come with your Prophetic offering. No one comes to see prophet empty handed. Pay your Prophetic seed to the pinned account on the platform. Prophetic voice network international Platform is your prophet.

✓ Pls fast till at least 12 pm in the afternoon because we will be operating in a realm different from what you are used to. This Prophetic realm is very windy and very very flexible, anyone can fall and be blown away by the wind.

✓ Finally come with your faith in God only because no one is coming to prove to you that God is existing. Also invite people to join the program.

God bless you.

See you soon

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