Thu. Feb 2nd, 2023


Today God has something special for you.


Have you been taken over by any habit and you’re struggling?


Have you looked at your life and you think that your sins cannot be forgiven?


Are you facing guilt of any kind and it’s keeping you down and in low spirit?



See what God is saying to you today



James 1:25 (GNT)


But if you look closely into the perfect law that



( the word of God sets you free)


,( I’m sure that’s exactly what you need now.

“To be FREE”)



and you keep on paying attention to it


and do not simply listen and then forget it,


but put it into practice,


You will be blessed By God in What you do.



This means you will not only be free, but the work of hands will become blessed.



Think about this today.



There is no need to remain in that bondage or trap of Sin.


Doing what the the word Says is all you need to be FREE.




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