Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023



Magnifying ? glass doesn’t change or alter what’s written. It only makes them appear bigger for the reader.

Do not ever think anything about you will change in the future if it doesn’t change now.

If you are not grateful now, you won’t be when you make billions. If you are too busy for God now, you won’t have time either when you ‘have everything u desired’



If you are easily lured into sin now, it is not because of lack of money; it is who you choose to be.


Lack of money simply help you to magnify the real you. Before Easu and Jacob were conceived, God already knew Esau doesn’t value anything. He could trade anything for a morsel of porridge.


When I was a little boy, I took a book in my dad’s room written by Robert Shuler “THE ME I AM IS THE ME I’LL BE”



Live everyday loving ❤️ The Father who deeply love you.

In the end, it won’t matter how many applauded you yesterday or today, what matters is life well spent gratefully to God.

“I’ll rather have Jesus than silver and gold or men’s applause”



Do enjoy the rest of the week and remember He is coming back very very soon.

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