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TEXT: MARK 16:20


” Confirming the word with signs following.”


The Lord Himself came near today and whispered an important message:


God is not loud ???? by increasing the volume.


God is loud when He repeats the same thing over a short period of time.


That’s a way He calls your attention to whatever bothers Him or whatever He aims to achieve in your life or through you.


Psalm 62:12

” *Twice have I heard that power belongs to God.”*


The word “power” is what God focuses on or bringing your attention to.


If God has been correcting you concerning a thing, He allows someone to mention it again.


If you don’t heed, then He goes ahead and corrects it Himself.


This is because you are important to Him. This is what is called the chastening of the Lord.


Once God starts the correction, there is no prayer you could offer that could stop the process until He sees the change He is looking for and that you have learned your lessons


This may be in business, relationship, marriage, ministry, career… Etc


Another form of chastening is when He asks you to do something and you keep rejecting it, you will beginning to see someone close to you do the same and receive the reward of obedience to the instruction you disobeyed.


That is what it means by God confirming the words with signs.


Humans are actually signs


Isaiah 8:18

“I and the children The Lord has given me, we are for signs and wonder in the land of Israel.”


I have seen God do this again and again.


If God asks a person or persons to give and help in the work of ministry and such individuals think or act like God can’t do without them, He will just raise help from somewhere very far but most of the time from a neighbor nearby.


God took the office of the king that was alive and gave to a shepherd boy.


Has God been correcting you? Has He been warning ⚠️ you to stop a rebellious act?


Has He been instructing you to do certain things for an individual or ministry, but you refused?


Every instruction of God to you is not about you but about Him ☝️

You don’t know what sacrifice of obedience those whom He sent you did for God.


In God’s kingdom, you don’t do a thing for a person because you like their faces; you do it because the King ???? of kings commanded it to be done.


Ecclesiastics 8:4

“Where the word of a king is, there is power; And who may say to him, “What are you doing?”


About 25 years ago, when I was the president of The Redeemed Christian Fellowship, the Fellowship grew that we had up to 40 executives and about 150 workers.


Some people tried to cause division even though I knew I had my own lapses.


The Lord disciplened me, and that went on for so many years.


He stopped me from laying hands on people for so many years(up to 18 years)


He placed me on probation for about 20 years.


Every attempt to send my name for ordination in the Redeemed I rejected and ran away because I was under His authority.


Some of you like to be ordained and hold ???? but some of us don’t.


Ministry is not popularity contest. Today I see so many who are not even weaned from sin trying to gather people.


What some of us dread to step into, some are excited about it even when they knew God didn’t send them.


Not until after that He started sending His servants to tell me to prepare for what He wanted me to do and most of the people He sent to me I had never knew them before.


I realized that God rarely forgets if you cause division amongst God’s people.

Everyone who was involved in that very act looked like they never went further than they were then.


One called about 22 years after, asking me to pray for her which I did. She confessed she was still single till then.


You see, God doesn’t call the qualified. He actually called the unqualified so that He may qualify them.


I have told people to desist from whatever causes disunity amongst the congregation of the saints.


Don’t be involved! He will remember your name concerning those acts.


If you hear His voice harden not your heart.


God bless His word in your heart. May your obedience be complete in His sights.

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