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TEXT: LUKE 12:48


“From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded .’


The Master came this morning and whispered the above text.


I love the word ” EVERYONE”


Whenever God uses EVERYONE it means no way of escape. It would soon be your turn.


Another word we can notice here is ” MUCH ”


I want you to know that what calls MUCH is not the same thing men call much.


The verse Luke 7:47 should keep us humble.


Jesus said, “Therefore I say to you, her sins, which are many, are forgiven, for she loved much . But to whom little is forgiven, the same loves little.”


Whenever I see believers who live casually like everyone and use others as measuring stick before they do something for God, I smile because I know where they are coming from.


They are those who think they deserve God’s forgiveness.


They are actually been forgiven much, but they count what they have been forgiven of as nothing.


There is something God calls much!


Forgiveness is number one on the list!


Those who received what God calls MUCH and calls it LITTLE always become LITTLE!


Another statement:

” *Much will be demanded* from them.”


This didn’t say ” *MUCH MAY BE DEMANDED…”*


Now, when The Almighty God comes to make demand ???? according to the much He made you and has given you, will you meet His demand?


To someone, He may say



Of course, since none of us knew what’s the demand was, you have not been keeping it.


To some, The Lord asked them to be giving towards the works of the ministry but they have never even done that.


To someone, it could be that God says you should give to a minister. He may even instruct you to give a certain amount to a man of God, but you felt it was too much.


You helped God analyze how big the money was compared to the man’s stature. So, you slashed the money into half.




I remembered a year when The Lord told me to give $1000 to a pastor!


I didn’t have it, but I knew God spoke to me. I loaned it from my bank. Did God know I didn’t have that much? Yes!


Then, why did he speak me to do such?


Because He had something better for me. It is called sacrifice!

That’s how God blesses His children. He causes your hand to be empty so that He can put much better into your hands ✋️.


When I was about to transfer the money ???? He told me not to do that but drive to meet him.


I didn’t know why, but I guess God gave me much opportunity in case I wanted to change my mind.


I drove from Michigan to Columbus, Ohio!


He ☝️ commanded me not to go to His house but meet in church. I did that and handed over the money and drove back the same day.


There are some of you reading now that God asked you to give something to a man of God. Maybe after you already got the money, needs arose and you started spending the money until you spent everything.


Just look at your life today and compare to where He would have taken you.


There are Christians who find it easy to disobey God but find it easy to beg other Christians who obey God for supply.


After that obedience, The Lord gave us 4 radio stations I preached on.


Even now, we have a t.v station paid for a whole year.


If God was looking for money as some think, why send The Prophet to the poor widow?


Some Christians, when they try to be ‘over righteous’ they give to those who disobey God in the name of pity.


You better be asking God before you help someone! When you start helping someone who’s been marked by God not to be helped because of disobedience, your money may be drowning just like those who entertained Jonah. NOW YOU KNOW


Sometimes, God uses pain to correct His children; especially the more mature ones.


David said,

” Before I was afflicted, I went astray, now I have learned your status .”


Ecclesiastics 7:16

Do not be overrighteous, neither be overwise— why destroy yourself?


God put a mark on Cain that nobody should touch Him.


Someone may ask ” How do I know who is who?”


Give through ministries, and the ministry will make distribution to everyone in need, just like we practice ” BREAD FROM ???? MY NEIGHBOR ” and ” BREAD ???? FOR MY NEIGHBOR” in PROPHETIC VOICE NETWORK


You can distribute to the necessity of everyone in need, including the disobedient ones!


Remember, this is a collective distribution that benefits everyone.


Even God allows His rain ???? to fall on the righteous and wicked!

It means giving or feeding people as a group.


Jesus gave the example when he asked the disciples to arrange the people in groups.


But do not give or make a huge sacrifice to an individual whom you have not discerned if The Lord is leading you to do so.


Jeremiah 4:3

” do not sow among thorns.”


If this message today has corrected you or instructed you anyway, you better repent so that the time of refreshing may come from the Father!



The Lord hear you when you call. May He remember all your sacrifices and send you help from His sanctuary!


Let’s give Jesus a big hand ???? for sending us word in times and seasons

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