Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023



The 2 aspect so important in every person’s life; The beginning and the ending.*


Fortunately, that is The name of Jesus Christ.

I have never seen anyone as weak as the one who let loosed into the hands of the enemy.

Then, he continues with unnecessary struggle through the year.

Has thou commanded the morning since thy days!


The morning of the year is the 1st day.

Time was against Esau even though he brought the right food.


“Time and chance happen to them all.”


Mastering your time in life is your real lifetime.


“Early will I seek you.”


There are Angels God have assigned to your name this morning.


I asked The Lord if He would allow me come online and He gave me 25 minutes.


I will also be sharing few of those things He had said. I will try as much as possible to pray for each person.


We shall be breaking bread together. ? and ?

No death is permitted near your door post this year.


Please, do not joke or downplay this first meeting.

Send this to your family and friends.


See you in about 7 hours time ⏲️ Facebook live @Yinka Orogun


Many Angels gathered already, awaiting your arrival.

Congratulations ? ?


This is not the kind of program you would say you forgot.

No another January 1 again until 2024.


See you soon.

Remain Blessed ??

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