Thu. Feb 2nd, 2023



There’s a common say that, Government can’t do everything but I say Government should be able to build mixed opportunities for her citizens so that they can help one another.

The Government should know that, aside passing through school, the citizens are ready to invest in themselves if they know the system in which they live is willing to embrace them.

As for us the citizen of our great country NIGERIA, we must take ownership of our own surroundings(practical neighborliness)

Our persistence and sacrifice is what reveal the value we have placed upon goals and ourselves.


And when it comes to achieving our goals, there’s always a smarter way to do the same thing. So, we shouldn’t be afraid to try harder things.


We must trust those who know the problem as well as those who have workable structures that is patterned towards solving those problems.



God love Nigeria and Nigerians; this I know.



Irrespective of our lapses, ignorance, indifferent attitude or our struggles, I know that, if we walk in God’s promises that God made to our nation, we would become the manifestation of those promises to upcoming generations.



To babies, the aged people, the widows, homeless, the maimed, the weak, motherless and fatherless, to the downtrodden, to those at their wits end…God is counting on ALL OF US.



We must live in this consciousness that there’s someone nearby who need what I no longer need. We must look for ways to show small acts of kindness!



We must be merciful as God(our Heavenly Father) is merciful to us; not as the people who are in authority have treated us.


And our God who see you in secrete will reward you openly!

God bless Nigeria


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